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Eating an appropriate amount of food around the time you exercise is important. This leads to better workouts, which is the whole point of working out anyway."  We've reached millions of readers with this practical method and helped over 30,000 people revitalize their approach to eating. 
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Manual for Fat Loss 2.0
Now with more great analysis of fat loss science than ever, this is where it all began...

Written by Dr. Mike T. Nelson, PhD., the Eat To Perform Manual for Fat Loss is based in tried and proven scientific research about your metabolism and the effects of exercise on the digestion of the macro nutrients you eat to fuel your body. You can't argue with science!

This information has made sustainable fat loss accessible to thousands of people just like you!

365 Fat Loss Solution
Weight loss on a diet is rarely permanent. You end up with nowhere to go after all is said and done and there is nothing left but to gain it all back.  I know you've been through this before. We all have.

The 365 Fat Loss Solution solves this problem by giving you your Wave Numbers - a baseline Calorie & nutrient intake that reverses the negative effects of both restrictive dieting and chronic overeating. This method is designed to help you to build momentum towards strategic periods of performance-focused fat loss. These periods of focused fat loss usually last only 10 weeks.

Most important of all, you have somewhere to go when those 10 weeks are over -- right back to your baseline. You're riding the wave up and down to optimize your fat loss while simultaneously building performance in all areas of life.
Meal Planning Guide
This eBook gives you a practical, step-by-step approach you'll actually stick with. Say goodbye to your extreme diets, and say hello to a sustainable approach!

Here's what you'll learn:  
  • Planning Meals - The composition of your meals will change depending on whether it's pre-workout, post workout, breakfast, etc. 
  • Shopping - You will need a steady supply of the RIGHT foods on hand at all times. We'll show you what to buy.
  • Meal Prep - If you get some cooking and storage done in advance, you'll have food ready whenever you need it, in the amounts you require. At that point, all you've got to do is eat it!
  • ...and more!
Flexible Eating Guide
Despite what the Food Purity Police and "30 Days To Abs" folks say, feeling deprived is not the key to fat loss. 

The real secret is consistent effort in the right areas. If a diet isn't sustainable or it's based on incorrect notions of how the human body (and mind) actually work, it's not going to be effective.
It's time to ditch the fad diets and write your own list! The Flexible Eating Guide is an easy, principled approach for anyone who wants to lose fat without dropping all of their favorites and going crazy.

Whether you're a beginner or you've seen everything under the sun, we know you'll finish this eBook with a better understanding of how to make food work for you and not the other way around.  
Recipe Guide
We truly believe that cooking and eating are SKILLS that you must get better at if you want to improve your overall well being. That's why we included more than just recipes in this guide.

We've included cooking tips, smoothie concoctions, quick meals, shopping lists and more. Every one has different tastes for food, so we included a little bit of something for everyone. Even if you don't have a lot of time to cook, you'll get tons of value from the concepts in this guide. When you're done reading through this eBook you won't ever ask yourself, "What shoud I eat today?" You're always gonna have options!
You get immediate access to all the recipes, our food "Do's and Don'ts", and our quick meals. You'll have options for every meal of the day, including dessert! Use the button below to grab your guide now...
Programming for Fat Loss
As a person dedicated to being fit and healthy, you've spent your fair share of working out. Whether you're lifting a barbell, swinging kettlebell, pushing your own body weight, or putting in miles on the track or treadmill, you're doing the work and you deserve to see results from all of that time and effort.
The unfortunate reality is that many people don't see results from their exercise routines. They're not lazy - they're just not sure what really works due to the incredible level of misinformation available.
Programming for Fat Loss shatters industry fallacies and gets right down to the science and application of effective exercise. Written by Brad Dieter, PhD., this is your guide to workouts that burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve strength/endurance.

Learn Exactly What To Eat & When To Eat It!
Eat To Perform Meal Plan Templates are the perfect compliment to the Meal Planning Guide. Templates are based on common dietary preferences (like paleo, flexible, and plant-based diets) and correspond with typical Calorie points.

An Eat To Perform coach will e-mail you your template within 24-48 hours so you can get rolling as soon as possible!

Each template includes:
  • Workout & Rest Day Meals - Your nutritional needs will change based on your activity levels so our templates provide you with both a training & off day plan.
  • Grocery List - A simple list of foods you'll need to keep in stock to follow your template. Foods are divided into proteins, fats, and fast/slow carbs. 
  • Copy To MyFitnessPal - Because it's the most popular food logging app out there, we've made it easy to copy meals into your personal MFP log with the click of a button.
Customize Your Template!
Need some tweaks to your template? Have no fear - our Meal Planning Specialists are here to help with substitutions, recipes, and much more!  We've built a community from the ground up to make sure you're never more than a few clicks away from an answer.

It doesn't matter whether you eat paleo, vegetarian, or you're more flexible in your food preferences; the resources we've assembled for Eat To Perform Meal Planning are second-to-none.  We know that with time, you'll master the art and skill of planning meals so you'll never go without the nutrition you need to burn fat and feel awesome.

Do The Work, Lead By Example
If all of the books, templates, and coaching are the things that spark your interest the training and programming section is where the fire begins. This is about ACTION - it’s about showing the work you are putting in but also getting feedback from Eat To Perform coaches so you can continuously improve. Oh and another thing…

This is not a "rah, rah" cheer-leading group.  You'll see ETP Coaches doing the work every single day of their lives, just like you.  
If you are looking for a way to improve your training, Eat To Perform coaches can help you with programs and training ideas 
that can take your gains to the next level!

Some of the highlights of our Training & Programming community are...

  • Daily Challenges to keep you motivated - Everything from bodyweight workouts to running to resistance training, we challenge you to meet the challenge!
  • Instructional videos from ETP coaches and athletes - Learn how to move, how to structure your workouts, and how to work around injuries from people who're in the trenches every day
  • Prizes specific to performance and training - New shoes, new shirts, even new equipment...we give you some extra incentive to push yourself and reach new heights!
  • Sample workouts & templates - From building muscle to establishing peak strength, we're constantly adding new templates for you to follow along based on different goals.
We deliver the same experience no matter who you are! We want you to succeed! 
Your new approach can be summed up with this one sentence...
"Better workouts lead to less fat, more muscle."

Meet Some of Our Success Stories
Meet Karin...
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Accountability Is Key!
We hold six Challenges each year in an effort to keep your eyes on the prize and help you remain accountable while you're an ETP Member. Not only do we pick a few Grand Prize winners at the end of the challenge, but each week we reward committed ETPers with prizes from Reebok, FitBit, Beats By Dre, Kill Cliff, Thrive Market, Titin, and more!
When was the last time you got a free pair of shoes just for tracking your workouts and food? How about an online shopping spree for goodies you can't find locally? We want to do everything in our power to help you succeed and this is just one part of our plan to make sure you keep up the good work! Check out a few of our happy prize winners:
Meet Some of Our Weekly Challenge Winners!
THOUSANDS of Dollars in Prizes Given Away Every Month!

Your Home Base for All Things ETP!
From the moment we started Eat To Perform, we knew we wanted to do more than just sell eBooks. We believe at our very core that life is better and that more quality work can be done when we band together in support of one another. 

The relationships we form with our customers matter to us - in fact, most of our coaches and even some of our backend staff started off as ETP Members. Where would we be without them? Where would we be without you? 
With that in mind, we created the Science Lab Forum to provide ongoing support and create a home base for our members but it's much more than that. The forums are where our coaches answer your toughest questions, where we share our food & workout logs, where the coaching staff helps you adjust your macros in response to changes in goals and life. It's a safe haven to share your successes and failures.

You're Not Alone!
If I was you, I'd read this section and think “What the heck does community have to do with fat loss?”  The answer is...

Eat To Perform isn’t a program where you hate yourself lean and then you're good for life.  There are no "before and afters", only before and NOWs. The answer all along has been patience, understanding and connection. 

 The community of Eat To Perform is where the excitement comes into play. When was the last time you got excited about Fat Loss? I mean like woke up early to see what everyone was doing and got inspired to just live a life of abundance. The problem with most fat loss systems is that they rob you of joy.  

Eat To Perform isn’t like that. Not only will you connect with our coaches but you will connect with other members that are on a similar journey. 

 With over 30,000 members, someone in your shoes has gone down the path you are about to embark upon. Wouldn’t it make sense to pick their brain?
That’s the part that makes our communities exciting and borderline addicting. The enthusiasm is contagious.

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Brad Dieter, PhD, Coach/Trainer 
Author of Science Driven Nutrition
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