We Are Dedicated To Changing
The Way Health Coaching is Done, Forever.
Our Focus
We are on a quest to change the way health coaching, and dieting, is done. We are focused on using state of the art science, coupled with the highest level of human caring, and the best solutions to deal with the world's largest health issues, head on.
Our Human Capital
Our clients are our greatest asset. They are our teachers. Their data, their interactions, their effort, their network, their conversations are at the core of what we do. They are the capital in which our company was, and will continue to be, built upon. 
Our Technology
Technology leverages our human potential and removes our blind spots. We are not slaves to technology but work hand in hand to improve our systems and learn what we could otherwise never know. We are always testing, improving, learning, and growing.
Our Team
Paul Nobles Jr. 
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Brad Dieter
Chief Scientific Officer
Robert Boyd
Chief Technology Officer
Lori Walsh
Director of Operations
April Blackford
Coaching, Senior Staff
Suzie Glassman
Coaching, Senior Staff
Ed Pace
Coaching, New Customer Onboarding
Amber Reeves
Coaching, New Customer Onboarding
Tara Arndt
Marketing, Head of Communications 
Our Culture
We believe in a hive mind, a network of thoughts, all connected to arrive at optimal solutions. 

We believe in open sourcing our biggest questions, testing, implementing, optimizing, and working together. 

We believe that our work is part of our core identity as individuals and as a team.

We believe that each problem is an opportunity to forge a better path forward.

We believe that all ships rise with the tide. 

We live our beliefs.
Commitment to Excellence
We believe in chasing excellence.

We are always improving. 

We constantly challenge our assumptions.

We grow, adapt, evolve. 

We implement the scientific method.

We pressure test.

We think outside the box.

We collaborate.

We listen to our clients.