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Free 2 week trials are open!
Meet Rachel
"I joined ETP because I liked the idea of my food actually working for me, rather than against me."
"Everyone comes to us with different goals.  

For Rachel it was about performing better and with that came A LOT of muscle. 15 pounds of muscle to be exact. 

 Her ab workouts are epic; we know this because she shares them freely in the private group. 

Rachel is a great example of how hard work WITH food makes a big difference." 
-Paul Nobles (ETP Founder)
" I’m loving the lean feeling! Thanks to all the coaches who’ve checked in on me especially during this FL!! #level52
Julie came to us with a lot of potential and we helped her unlock what she was capable of. 

At 52 she is now more fit, happy , and capable than she has ever been and we couldn't be more proud of her. 
- Dr. Brad Dieter
Meet Michelle
"July at 216 pounds vs. today (5 months later) at 175 pounds.  Sorry for whining, Mike, Brad and Paul."
I remember Michelle messaging me one day and saying “Is EMMA my coach?"

For reference, EMMA is the algorithm Eat To Perform uses to customize client plans.

I said “No, why?” 

She said “Because she visits me literally every day."

I said “Yeah, because you are knocking it out of the park, you are a machine."
All kidding aside Michelle has been a pleasure to work with and a great example of how good advice combined with hard work creates great results!
-Paul Nobles (ETP Founder)
Meet Bjorn
"Bjorn was fit when he showed up to our doorstep but it was shocking how quickly he adapted to the program and improved on an already well-trained physique. 

The astonishing part was how much he was eating while doing it. 

Currently his goal is to put on lean mass so he can perform better in the gym and now his second job is eating."
-Paul Nobles (ETP Founder)
Meet Vicky
"I tried everything to lose weight, including low carb... now I’m down 50lbs, 41 total inches!" 
Admins approve the posts in the private group and Vicky sent a post asking “How long someone is supposed to be in Fat Loss?” 

So I looked up her file. I mistakenly assumed she was complaining because she was eating about 2700 calories at the time.  She had been interacting mostly with Eat To Perform coach April Blackford up to that point so I messaged April and asked why she was still in Fat Loss after 5 months.

April said “Don’t you worry about Vicky, she is a killer”.  She was down 40 pounds at that time and is down 50 now.  I thought she was having a difficult time...I was clearly wrong and glad April set me straight. 

Since that moment every time I see Vicky’s file she just keeps crushing it (though we did eventually move her to recomp). 
-Dr. Brad Dieter

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