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The Eat To Perform App is where the magic of our coaching process takes place. 

This is your dashboard - a single location to access all of your important information and get feedback at the click of a button.

One of the greatest obstacles between you and getting the results you want is having data readily available for analysis by a qualified coach.

The app give us the power and flexibility to examine your nutrition behaviors easily and effectively.  Best of all, you can access the app from your mobile device or desktop at any time.
We've assembled the most comprehensive bundle of resources on fitness and nutrition available anywhere online!

Here's what you get: 
  • 5 Incredible eBooks
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What Makes Eat to Perform Different?
Have you been dieting most of your life without the results you have seen from friends and family? Do you go to the gym regularly but when you look in the mirror you do not see the amount of hard work you are putting in daily? 

Are you stuck, frustrated, and confused? 
Member Stories
Meet Michelle
"I tried everything to lose weight, including low carb... now I’m down 50lbs, 41 total inches!" 

Meet Vicky
"July at 216 pounds vs. today (5 months later) at 175 pounds.  Sorry for whining, Mike, Brad and Paul."
Meet Rachel
"I joined ETP because I liked the idea of my food actually working for me, rather than against me."

Never Worry About Training Programming Again
Do The Work, Get Results
Most people have just as much of a "doing" problem
as they do an "eating" problem.  

They're in the gym, think they're working hard, and 
working at the right things but sometimes they miss 
the mark by a long shot.  

Without coordinating exercise and nutrition, you can't get optimal results.   

We provide our members with an ever-increasing library of progressive, effective, 
challenging workout templates designed around different goals but always 
emphasizing muscle gain, improved conditioning, and accelerated fat loss.
Challenges & Prizes
Potential - Possibility - Performance
We know this isn't about "dieting" and we think, way down deep you do too.  When we say this is a "lifestyle change" we mean it.  It's not just about what you eat or how hard you work out, it's about all of the things you do on a daily basis to set yourself up for success.  That's why we've created UNTAPPED... the game of daily lifestyle achievements and meeting the small meaningful goals that add up to huge success.
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